Actual data
Observed data are hourly collected in the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia.
Weather in Serbia
Temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, weather phenomenon description and snow (in winter). Data are updated every hour.

Weather in Europe
Temperature and weather phenomenon description for Montenegro, south-east and whole Europe. Updated several times every day.
Aerology is a branch of meteorology that deals with upper air meteorological measurements, also known as radiosonde measurements.
Radar images
Current radar images
Hydrological data
Water stage, change and tendency of water stage, flow rate, water temperature and ice events for 54 reporting stations on the most important water currents.
Automatic hydrological stations
Hourly water stage data and their tabular and graphical presentation. Updated several times every day.
Synoptic weather surface chart: Surface data analysis for Europe area.
Satellite image
Current satellite image of Serbia. Infrared and composite. Сatellite imageс are updated every hour.
Automatic weather stations
Data from automatic weather stations.
Reporting groundwater station
Reporting groundwater station network. Update once on day.
Precipitation in Serbia. Update once on day.

Reporting groundwater station
Snow. Update 4 time on day.
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