Numerical weather prediction
Numerical weather prediction method uses mathematical formulation of atmospheric processes to predict the weather. Model is computer program that produces meteorological information about future state of the atmosphere.
Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia runs two models operationaly. Eta model is running twice a day on ECMWF boundary conditions for 84 hours of forecast. Domain covers Europe, East Atlantic and Northern part of Africa
WRF-NMM model, created in NCEP (National Center for Enviromental Prediction) Washington is next-generation mesoscale model with sophisticated physics and new numerical approach. Current horizontal resolution is about 4km, number of numerical points is 220x290. Model is running twice a day on ECMWF boundary conditions for 72 hours ahead. Domain covers Balkan and Adriatic Sea.
Meteogram shows time variation of meteorological parameters, such as wind on standard pressure levels, temperature on 2m, relative humidity, precipitation...
SKEW-T diagram
Forecasting SKEW-T diagram shows vertical structure of the atmosphere for chosen point and forecast time.
Model charts
Visualized forcasted atmospheric fields on standard pressure levels.
Visualized of turbulence for 84h in advance.
Visualized of geopotential and freezing on 850hPa, 700hPa and 500hPa levels.
Frontogenetic parameter
Frontogenetic parameter and its animation on 500hPa for 84h in advance.
Three-Dimensional trajectory model. Trajectories Backward/Forward.
NMMB global model products
NMMB - Nonhydrostatic Muli-scale Model developed in NCEP by Z. Janjić, in operational use in RHMSS since January 2012.
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