Measurements and observations at meterological stations in Serbija. Programes of systematic monitoring of weather and extreme values. Studying and application of meteorological observational methods and modern technical achievements,as well as instruments calibration.
Meteorological observing system in Serbia
Center for operative application of meteorological observation ( with 30 meteorological stations as group )
Meteorological observatory Beograd
Meteorological observatory Niš
Meteorological observatory Novi Sad
Laboratory center for instruments and methods of observations
Monitoring of climate, climate extremes and normals, assessment of climate changes and variability; Making of Climatography of Serbia and Climate Atlas of Serbia; Applied climate research for users in industry, health and tourism; Making of meteorological yearbook; Making of biometeorological forecasts; Upgrading and maintenance of meteorological data basis...
Agricultural meteorology
Operational and research activities related to meteorological knowledge and data application in agriculture are performed. Monitoring and assessment of possible impacts of current and expected weather conditions on the growth, development and condition of cultivated plants, carrying out of farming operation and other aspects of agricultural production. Agroclimatic and other applied investigations in the field of agricultural meteorology are proceeding, with the aim of completing the agrometeorological basis for the long-term planning of agriculture development.
Numerical Weather Prediction
Numerical weather prediction pages include Eta model postprocessing products.Post processing products includes conversion from the Eta model levels to ten standard pressure levels, from 1000hPa to 100hPa and visualization and preparation of various specific products (geopotential, air temperature, precipitations, wind…)
Weather watch department
The Weather Watch Department of the Republic Hydro-meteorological Service of Serbia, as part of the World Weather Watch, monitors weather 24 hours a day through its sections.
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